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  • Rhodonite Polished Gemstone
  • Rhodonite Polished Stone
  • Rhodonite Polished Stone
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Rhodonite Polished Stone| Self love & Healing

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Rhodonite pink hues are closely related to heart chakra which may bring compassion, self love, emotional healing and balance emotions through times of distress. Whereas the dark hues naturally occurring in the stone may offer strength & protection. 

Other metaphysical properties of Rhodonite are:

  • Encourage generosity & giving
  • Helps to re build self worth and confidence 
  • Helps with new beginnings 
  • May encourage to heal old wounds and trauma like anger issues


Chakras: Heart & Root Chakra

Planet: Earth

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Taurus


Small polished pyramid tower with black and pink hues. 

Height: 6cm

Weight: appr 35g 


 Rhodonite can be used in meditation (place it on chest or hold in your hands), added to your crystal grid or placed in the far left corner of your house for family matters. 


All the metaphysical properties of crystals listed above is for information only and are part of wonderful spiritual practice that we are part today. Please respect your crystals, do not ingest, do not put them into body cavities and do not place them in water. Please also remember these crystals do not replace conventional treatments. Charge them and cleanse them once a month and they may be your friend for very long time.