Our Story

In 2013, after graduating from University of Westminster (BSc Hons Herbal Medicine) I have realized that not many people know how to use herbs to support their health and wellbeing. After much consideration I thought to myself “would it be nice to bring readily accessible herbal blends that are based on clinical and traditional evidence; are easily affordable, sustainable and empowers people to take their own health into their hands?”

For that reason, New Moon Botanicals was created, to share knowledge of using herbs into your daily life, to bring herbal products that does not costs the Earth and also to develop products that are specific to your health concerns.

Along the way I have realized that our physical health would not be completed without taking care of our mental wellbeing hence I have brought products that connects us to spiritual selves like sustainable crystals, smudge sticks, infused oils, and incense which are mainly based on the European Traditions.

I hope these products inspire you to create the best of yourself and empower to take charge of your own wellbeing.

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