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Palo Santo Incense With Quartz Crystal | Smudging | House Cleansing

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Palo Santo is a sacred wood from fallen tree of Brusera graveolens, native to South America. After the tree has fallen, it produces beautifully scented aromatic resin which has been used to relief stress, inflammation and also to repel mosquitos.


Beside its medicinal properties Palo Santo also is used to smoke cleanse (smudge) the house, places, people and objects from negative energies. The spiritual properties of Palo Santo are gentle and uplifting. It clears negativity whilst attracting peaceful and calming energies. Paired together with clear crystal quartz it raises vibrational frequencies helping to create peaceful and calming environment.


Both our crystal quartz and Palo Santo is sourced from sustainable supplier. They have been carefully selected and hand tight together with love and intention. After your order you will receive 3 Palo Santo wood sticks, clear crystal quartz (approximately 5cm long), a charm and small herbs bundle that can be burned as well on the charcoal. The product will arrive in eco friendly packaging. Please recycle responsibly.


Untie the crystal and herbs from Palo Santo. Lit the tip of Palo Santo and extinguish any flames. Use the smoke of Palo Santo to "smudge" around house, people and objects. Palo Santo can be used after or before Full Moon. Extinguish by dabbing gently on the non flammable hard surface and store in glass container away from sunlight. 


Always open windows if using incense. Prolonged exposure to incense smoke may irritate your lungs, causing health issues. Not suitable to be inhaled or consumed directly. May not be suitable to be used around pregnant women and children. Never leave burning incense unattended, use small dish to catch fly away of the wood.

Please note New Moon Botanicals is not responsible for misuse of the product.