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Malachite | Polished Gemstone | Transformation | Healing

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Malachite is a stone of protection and transformation. Since the ancient times, malachite was worn to ward of negativity and evil eye and also to heal and transform our emotions. Malachite other metaphysical properties are:

  • encourages emotional and spiritual growth
  •  harmonises heart chakra
  • helps to deal with trauma
  • stimulates dreams


Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart 

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Scorpio, Capricorn 


Malachite is great for meditation, especially if you need to work on your past life trauma. It is also great stone to protect against negativity so you can position next to the entrance of your house. 

Occasionally your stone needs to be cleansed and re charged so smoke cleansing and re charging under tree or moonlight works best. 


Green small tower:3cm, 17g 

Small sphere 1: 15g, 1.5cm

Small sphere 2: 13g,1.3cm


All the metaphysical properties of crystals listed above is for information only and are part of wonderful spiritual practice that we are part today. Please respect your crystals, do not ingest, do not put them into body cavities and do not place them in water. Please also remember these crystals do not replace conventional treatments. Charge them and cleanse them once a month and they may be your friend for very long time.