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NewMoon Botanicals

Floral Smudge Sticks with Crystals

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Our smudge sticks are all handcrafted with love and attention from dried and sustainable ingredients to assist with bringing love, peace, protection and purification. 

We have carefully selected few herbs that have a special purpose in European smoke cleansing ceremony such as:

  • French Lavender: brings peace, love and harmony.
  • Yarrow: cleanses away negativity, brings protection and courage.
  • Rosemary: purifies space, used for love, healing, protection. 
  • Cedar: grounding, purification and protection. 
  • Eucalyptus: neutralises negative energy, protects and offers gentle healing. 



Smudge sticks are mainly used to "cleanse" people, spaces or objects from negative energies before attending any spiritual activities like meditation to clear away unwanted energies and focus mind on specific task.

Today many people use smudge sticks after full moon to banish negativity or few days after new moon to bring love, peace and harmony.

Please note each smoke cleansing stick may very in size and colour. Normally they are around 4 inches. 


Lit the tip of the stick and use the smoke to cleanse house, objects and people. Do not let the stick to burn with flame. Place the stick above or in fire proof dish to catch fly away. After you finish, make sure the smudge stick does no longer produce smoke by dabbing it gently against fire proof dish.


Always open windows if using incense. Prolonged exposure to incense smoke may irritate your lungs, causing health issues. Not suitable to be inhaled or consumed directly. May not be suitable to be used around pregnant women and children. Never leave burning incense unattended, use small dish to catch fly away of the herbs.

Removes gemstones before lilting the smudge stick.