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  • Black Terracotta Smudge Bowl
  • Terracotta Smudge Bowl
  • Black terracotta smudge bowl
  • Smudge Stick Bowl
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NewMoon Botanicals

Black Terracotta Smudge Bowl with Moon & Stars | Smudge Stick Holder

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Black terracotta smudge bowl featured with stunning white painted details of Moon & Stars. This smudge bowl is primarily used to hold smudge sticks or herbs so they can safely burn away. 


This terracotta bowl is perfect for altar or any space in the house and its very easy to use. Just place the smudge stick inside the bowl to safely smoke cleanse the house from negative energy. Choose any time from waning moon to new moon. 


The bowl dimensions are H10cm x W13cm x D13cm. 

The product will arrive in white box with polyfoam. Please recycle responsibly. 


Please do not leave your smudge sticks unattended. Always place the bowl on non flammable surface. Handle with care.