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NewMoon Botanicals

Banishing Oil with Botanicals & Essential Oils.

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Introducing our Banishing Oil - the essential tool for harnessing the power of spiritual purification and protection. Crafted with utmost care and intention, our Banishing Oil is a potent blend of all-natural, sacred ingredients designed to help you rid your life of negative energy, unwanted influences, and obstacles.

Banishing oil is crafted from the finest, sustainably sourced botanicals, herbs, and essential oils that can be easily incorporated into your spiritual practices to neutralise and remove negativity. 

Base note scent: Clove, Juniper & Patchouli 


Dab few drops onto objects, anoint the candle or add into mojo bags. 


30ml glass bottle with pipette. All of products are shipped in recyclable boxes. 


Not for internal use. Do not use it on the skin. Wash your hands afterwards. Contains essential oils which may cause reaction. For entertainment purpose only. Store in the dark and cool temperature keep out of reach of children.